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Shipping, Moving and Storing

Shipping, Moving and Storing Tips

Make a great move

Looking for moving tips? Ways to pack and ship fragile items so they arrive intact? Learn how to pack for a move, ship with success and keep items securely stored.

Top 5 Shipping Tips

Choose the correct box size. Selecting a box roughly the size of the contents will prevent jostling and breakage. Especially fragile items can be protected by cushioning the main box inside of a larger one.

Protect breakables. Wrap fragile items individually. Don't cushion with newspaper – the ink can transfer!

Fill extra space. Eliminating empty pockets of space prevents jostling. Line the bottom of the box and fill voids.

Secure box seams. To ensure your box doesn't open mid-route, tape the top and bottom with Scotch® Packaging Tape.

Label properly. Only use one shipping label per package and include a complete return address. Don't place the label over a seam, and waterproof the address label with a strip of Scotch® Packaging Tape. Include a copy of the shipping addresses inside the package in case your original is damaged, and label the outside of the box if your contents are "FRAGILE."

Top 5 Moving Tips:

Plan ahead. Inventory your belongings, purchase supplies and allow plenty of time for packing.

Pack room by room. Pack boxes to capacity and protect your breakables. Don't cushion with newspaper – the ink can transfer.

Label properly. Label boxes according to the new room they belong in and their contents. Mark boxes with breakable contents as "FRAGILE."

Pack a suitcase ahead of time. Each family member should have a suitcase with toiletries and clothes for several days. Keep these suitcases with you and separate from your other belongings.

Keep moving necessities together. Unpacking will be easier if tools, cleaning supplies, extension cords and surge protectors are easy to find. Don't forget your Scotch™ Multi-Purpose Scissors for opening boxes!

Top 5 Storing Tips:

Top 5 Storing Tips

Choose the right storage location. Select the appropriate size and consider climate-controlled facilities for humidity-sensitive items.

Handle with care. Consistent box sizes will stack best - pack boxes to capacity, and protect your breakables. Don't cushion with newspaper – the ink may transfer!

Label properly. Detailed and accurate labels will help locate needed items quickly. If contents are breakable, be sure to mark as "FRAGILE."

Plan your stacking. Line the floor with pallets or tarps to protect your contents. Leave space between boxes and walls to allow air circulation and create an aisle between boxes for access. Group similar sized boxes and keep heavy items on the bottom.

Keep frequently used items handy.Once your items are in storage, you may need to access seasonal clothing or files. Label these boxes so they're easy to find and keep them near the entrance to your unit.

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